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La Torche Surf Coaching was born out of a desire to teach our passion in a more personalized way.

The school was created by surfer Delphine Prou, it is now two instructors with different profiles who provide the lessons while respecting the values and the functioning set up by Dédé.

In order to optimize your sessions, we will help you choose the day, the hour and the spot according to:  

-Of your level

-Wind (force and direction)

- Swell (size and direction)

-Tide (coefficient)

Let's Go Surfing !!!!!!



Dom: Passionate about water sports and surf instructor for 24 years. He will put at your service his pedagogy and his experience in order to find the subtle balance between pleasure and progress.


Adam: Native of the Bigouden country, he knows the spots like the back of his hand. Comfortable in all types of waves, it will accompany you in your progress in order to make you gain in technique and autonomy.

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